Assembly Meeting Times

Fourth Thursday of the Month

Meeting locations announced in the monthly Assembly Newsletter

Social Hour 6:00 p.m
Meal 7:00 p.m. with meeting to
follow the meal

Msgr Francis Joseph McKee
Assembly 2689
The Patriotic degree of the Order
2017 - 2018 Officer Roster
New Fourth Degree uniform.  The regalia is being phased out

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Monthly Newsletter

July newsletter available on Newsletter page

August State Fourth Degree newsletter available on Newsletter page

Faithful Navigator
Robert J Priore

Faithful Friar
Ernest L Hardesty

Inner Sentinel
Robert M Ahlert

One Year Trustee
Billy G Hefley

Faithful Captain
Alec Espendez

Faithful Admiral
Ralph E Horner

Outer Sentinel
Eric A Larson

Two Year Trustee
John W Wink

Faithful Comptroller
David D Maul

Faithful Pilot
Frank C Gardner

Color Corps
Lynn Faaborg

Three Year Trustee
Mark L Murray

Faithful Purser
Floyd D Stahl

Faithful Scribe
Thomas G Werner
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