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Hall Rental Information
General Information
The Hall is solely owned and operated by Russellville Columbus Club. No ownership by the Knights of Columbus or Father Joe Lauro Council 6398 is implied.

The Hall is available for rental for special occasions.  The Hall is best suited for family events or small business events. Certain policies and restrictions apply to the use of the Hall so please contact the rental manager for more information and rental fees.  A rental agreement must be signed.

In house catering is available. The rental manager can provide additional information concerning catering.

The Hall has tables and chairs included in the rental. The renter is responsible for setup and take down of the tables and chairs as well as the renter's decorations used at their event.
The small kitchen is included with the rental however; the renter is responsible for providing cookware, pots, pans, knives, paper goods and flatware.

The renter is responsible for cleaning the Hall, bathrooms, kitchen, tables, chairs and emptying the trash after your event is over. A cleaning deposit is required but is returned if the hall is clean after the rental. The rental manager will meet the renter the next day to inspect the building and return the cleaning deposit if the hall is adequately cleaned and has no damage or missing items. The renter is required to return the keys to the rental manager at this time.
The renter is responsible if damage occurs to the Hall during your event. The renter is responsible for theft of property during your event.

No rental will be permitted for events charging an entry / function fee. Other restrictions apply.

Russellville Columbus Club will have a representative at the event to monitor the activities. This is a requirement for rental. Failure to comply with the policies and regulations will result in the event being terminated. Rental costs are non-refundable if your event is terminated because of non-compliance. Again, policies will be covered when you speak with the rental manager.

This web page only provides general information.  The rental manager will discuss rental policies and restrictions in detail with you either by phone or in person.

For Hall Rental Information contact:

Warren Morey
Note: The hall rental schedule books quickly. Schedule early.

Base Rates:
Events must conclude no later than midnight.

$500.00 per day - includes $100.00 cleaning deposit.

KofC members in good standing* - $250.00 per day - includes $100.00 cleaning deposit
*To be a KofC member in good standing your dues must not be delinquent. KofC members cannot pay delinquent dues immediately before rental to be considered a member in good standing.  This policy was voted on by the members of Council 6398.
It is not permissible to rent the hall as a member then allow a 3rd party use of the hall. [exceptions apply]
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